The beauty farm at our hotel in Trentino

The beauty farm of our hotel in Trentino has a very evocative name: “Le Coccole”. During your holiday in the mountains, with your family, in a couple taking time to dedicate to your well-being means even taking care of your body.

That’s why we have designed an extensive range of treatments for him and for her that you can find at the beauty farm in the hotel.
Mary Cohr Paris treatments

The facial and body treatments with “Mary Cohr” phyto aromatic oils are real journeys into the world of beauty with spectacular results as your skin, your body and your mind are on holiday too. You will rediscover a skin shining with youth and serenity wrapped in fragrances of dream. 
Mary Cohr has created treatments and beauty products as close as possible to nature, GMO-free and parabens-free, so that the skin can draw its nourishment from what could be better and more efficacious in the heart of the plants. The good use of Essential oils allows to regain life, energy and beauty to the most difficult skins. Three essential oils have been selected having complementary activities and particularly efficacious in the treatment of skin: SAGE for its "rejuvenating" and regenerating actions; LAVENDER for its relaxing effects; ROSEMARY for its tonic and firming effects.

This exclusive complex called "Vettore Trattante" increases very much the penetration, the diffusion and the potential of other active ingredients used in the treatments.


This treatment is a wonderful journey of beauty, which will give you in one hour, balance, splendour and an intense well-being. We will use essential oils specific to each skin type. They will be made to absorb with a massage all over the face, mixing some concentrates of plants, selected according to the needs of your skin. Treatment also recommended to men.
Duration: approx. 55 minutes *Euro 58,- Euro 61,-


(click to see the brochure) It’s a deep cleansing treatment, customized for all skin types and ages. It replaces the traditional facial cleansing using the most advanced methods. Your skin will breathe again and your face will glow with a beautiful splendour and the next treatments will have greater advantage. Hydratantes, Reequlibrantes, Apaisant, Dynamisantes, Vitalisantes, swhite.
Duration: approx. 70 minutes *Euro 73,- Euro 76, -


For privileged customers who want to customize the CatioVital treatment. It is a remedial treatment for dry and mature skins, plus a special attention to the eyes, which are treated with care by using a particular device. It has proven to be an efficacious and very pleasant treatment.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes *Euro 93,- Euro 96,-


It’s a brief treatment, directed at the delicate area around the eyes, often neglected or treated with non-adequate products. It’s ideal for treating tired eyes, dark circles, heavy eyelids and the signs of aging around the eyes. It is suitable to illuminate the eyes, to erase wrinkles and fine lines and for eliminating fatigue.
Duration: approx. 45 minutes *Euro 33,- Euro 36,-


The immediate "lifting" effect from the first session. For mature customers, looking for surgical lifting. A real treatment with natural effect but without the use of surgical tools, for toning the muscles of the face and with a "filling" effect on the wrinkles. In addition to the lifting effect there is the draining effect of the toxins that gives splendour and brightness to the skin by increasing the oxygenation of tissues.
Duration: approx. 75 min. *Euro 96,- Euro 101,-


For customers who like a quick but effective treatment specifically aimed at the area around the eyes, with anti-bags and anti-dark circles effects and with a fabulous lifting effect.
Duration: approx. 45 min. *Euro 51,- Euro 56,-

CATIOVITAL LIFT SUPERIOR (Catiovitalvisage + Catiolift)

For VIPs. The Catiovital visage treatment, with its deep carried active ingredients, will be combined with the efficacy of the Catiolift electrostimulation that will maximize the good diffusion and absorption of the treatment with a very good result. The skin will be soft, toned and remodeled.
Duration: approx. 120 min. *Euro 146,- Euro 151,-


For clients who are in a hurry and want a perfect makeup and a bright look for a special evening; for customers who don’t know the lifting treatment and have apprehension in having it; for young clients convinced that it is a treatment non suitable for themselves.
Duration: approx. 40 min. *Euro 46,- Euro 51.-


This treatment has 3 "Youth" effects: anti-wrinkle, revitalizing and firming with marine collagen. The skin will be wonderfully comforted, more toned and your face will shine with beauty. Beauté Lifting visibly rejuvenates the look of your face.
Duration: approx. 65 min. *Euro 68,- Euro 71,-


For demanding customers who appreciate the combination of the CatioLift technology with the safety of a manual lifting. For an immediate impact on brightness and color of the skin, the features will be more relaxed and the skin will be softer and doubly compact.
Duration: approx. 110 min. *Euro 111,- Euro 116,-


It’s a treatment for skin renewal. It has a peeling effect thanks to the delicate fruit acids and a lifting effect thanks to the pure vitamin C. It eliminates dead cells in the layer of the cornea, it restores the elasticity of the skin, it regulates the pigmentation and reduces spots of color, it rejuvenates the face, the color will be more uniform, the complexion clearer, the skin texture flawless, the skin younger-looking and toned.
Duration: approx. 55 min. *Euro 61,- Euro 66,-

*Prices for treatments made in the morning time-table. Every 3 treatments booked you will have a discount of 10% of the total, or on next treatments or on purchase of maintenance products.


The 100% natural manual treatment for the body with essential oils 100% to make your body more beautiful, more slender and for giving it comfort and serenity. It consists in the action of the experienced movements in combination of the powers of essential oils.


It combines anti-fat actions of the slimming essences and anti-retention actions of the Slimming Mask in order to slim the silhouette and to reduce visibly the cellulite.
Duration: approx. 75 min. *Euro 78,- Euro 81,-


It is a treatment for critical areas with Termiques seaweeds, salts from the Dead Sea and plant extracts to combat the cellulite.
Duration: approx. 75 min. *Euro 78,- Euro 81,-


With the precious mango “gommage” and the relaxing massage with soothing essential oils, tensions will melt and the muscles of the whole body will relax, plus the firming effect of the “Masque corporel d’essences.
Duration: approx. 75 min. *Euro 76,- Euro 79,-
Duration: approx. 95 min. *Euro 96,- Euro 99,-


With the "light legs" massage and the Ice Legs lotion that lightens the legs, thanks to its refreshing power, the heaviness sensation will disappear and your legs will be thin, lighter and more comfortable.
Duration: approx. 75 min. *Euro 78,- Euro 81 -


It is a specific treatment for the breast in order to invigorate the natural support, to firm and to reshape it.
Duration: approx. 50 min. *Euro 51,- Euro 54,-
Beauty massages
To give you the best we have equipped our Beauty of advanced equipments.
Imagine lying on the shore of a tropical sea while receiving a relaxing massage. A warm wave flows around your body .... this is ZERO1.
Every 40 seconds it creates a soft wave that flows around the body, starting from the feet to the neck and flowing back. We can make any type of massage or application, a feeling hard to describe but recommended for those who like to be pampered. The original system, allows the body to remain well anchored to the padded surface of the bed, allowing for a perfect grip in the hands of the therapist and the client's skin. Our beautician has the possibility to control the water temperature and to determine also the color, the one you like more.

Newera and Bioline jato

The emotional beauty treatments Newera, through a beneficial mental and physical action, can reach the desired state of well-being, resulting from the simultaneous involvement of all the senses of the person.
Relaxing massage "Relaxations" of citrus fruits;
Revitalizing-energizing massage ""Elixir of Dolce a Vita"" of grapes rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, it protects collagen and elastin.
Invigorating massage "Sweet Temptations" of chocolate, warm and enveloping with an intense aroma of cocoa, it stimulates the hormone of happiness giving comfort and fulfillment;
Purifying Massage "Alpine Harmony" of hay and flowers from the Alps with an intense scent of freshly harvested hay with a draining action to eliminate toxins and impurities. It is a very good remedy for muscle spasms and chronic pain.
Moisturizing Massage "Cleopatra" of honey, protective, emollient, nourishing and smoothing.
Partial massage of 25 min. *Euro 28,- Euro 31,- Full body massage of 50 min. *Euro 53,- Euro 56,-

Thai massage (treatment on request)

The Thai massage combines the finger pressure points of Chinese medicine with an assisted stretching, inspired by the Indian Yoga, which opens up the body energetically and physically.
It creates a feeling of pleasant lightness! We recommend a gymnastic clothing.
Duration: approx. 55 minutes *Euro 91,- Euro 96,-



hot oil massage that releases the "Srota", the channels for the elimination of metabolic wastes. It has then a detoxifying action at physical level and it gives a positive influence on the psychological level.
The pleasant warmth of the oil brings intense relaxation, it stimulates the micro circulation, the lymphatic flow and the elimination of toxins and harmful substances.
Sink into a complete Ayurvedic massage Abhayanga, meditative and beneficial and live a journey to the inner life for 50 minutes.
Duration: approx. 25 min. *Euro 45,- Euro 50,-
Duration: approx. 50 min. *Euro 75,- Euro 80,-


Flowing with thoughts and emotions, Brahmarandhra, the door of Brahma: so it is called the top of the head. This door has a guardian, “Stamani”.

This exceptional treatment laps door and guardian in a way to take a look at the door of Brahma, a wonderful country. Empathize with the flowing oil when you will be dragged into another universe. 

Treatment especially suitable against insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, worries, aches and rheumatism. Or even just half an hour to reinvigorate and relax.
It is recommended after an Ayurvedic massage.
Duration: approx. 20 min. *Euro 53,- Euro 60,-
Duration approx. 30 min. *Euro 61,- Euro 68,-

*treatments made in the morning time-table. Every 3 treatments booked you will have a discount of 10% of the total, or on next treatments or on purchase of maintenance products.
Beauty for Him
For the man who loves himself.
A well-groomed appearance is essential for a successful man.
Modern man takes care of his appearance, he appreciates the benefits of a massage and always asks for more specific treatments. The holiday is also for "him", a good opportunity to think about himself. For this reason the Hotel Dolce Avita Spa & Resort has studied health and beauty solutions that meet his needs.
Let yourself pamper from head to foot and take the load of new energy! Along with the daily beauty ritual, sometimes it is good to trust in the hands of true experts. Relaxation and beauty treatments for men too are a successful investment. Rejuvenating massages, relaxation and rebalancing programs dissolve tensions and blocks and give you a new shape. Efficacious treatments with concentrated active ingredients will reinforce your health and your energy.
Forget the hustle and stress of everyday life, enjoy some time just for you.
We wait for you in our new Beauty "Le Coccole".

CatioVital Visage treatment.

It is a deep cleansing treatment, customized for each type of skin and age. It replaces the traditional facial cleansing using the most advanced methods. Your skin can breathe again and your face glows a beautiful splendor and the subsequent treatments will have greater advantage. Hydratantes, reequlibrantes, apaisant, dynamisantes, vitalisantes.
Duration: approx. 70 minutes *Euro 73,- Euro 76,-

CatioVital Visage Extra Nature Homme treatment.

Detergent treatment, invigorating and energizing with essential oils, suitable for men, with specific treatment around the eyes.
Duration: approx. 90 minutes *Euro 93,- Euro 96,-

Peel & Lift.

Treatment for skin renewal. Peeling effect thanks to delicate fruit acids and lifting effect of pure vitamin C. It eliminates dead cells of the skin around the eyes, it restores the elasticity of the skin, it regulates and reduces pigmentation spots of color, it rejuvenates the face, the color of the skin will be more uniform and clear, the skin texture flawless and the skin will be younger-looking and toned.
Duration: approx. 55 min. *Euro 61,- Euro 66,-
Beauty baths


The beauty baths in KaiserWanne will make you feel real empresses or emperors .... soothing, moisturizing, nourishing, detoxifying, cleansing, stimulating, invigorating and remineralizing for all your needs ....

20 minutes of full abandonment in which you can experience an immediate feeling of well being of body, mind and soul ... aromas and flavors will envelop you like a warm hug ...
Duration: 20 min. approx. *Euro 23, -; Euro 26, -

* Treatments carried out in morning time.
List of treatments (link to the page lists)

Cloud Bath

Cloud Bath treatments. Irreplaceable moments for body and mind. The muscles relax completely, the spine is stretched and the body abandons to the beneficial and tonic action of the water, and everything without getting wet ....
Only a few moments of relaxation and memories and dreams emerge in the mind: the frenzy of modern life is replaced by emotions that refer to the prenatal stage, to the tender maternal care, the pleasure of being able to fly weightless in the infinite.

"... It seems to float in the clouds ..." this is the recurring comment among those who abandon themselves in the loving embrace of the warm waters of Cloud; in a few moments you land softly with a rejuvenating relaxation.

Relaxing "Relaxations" citrus;
Revitalizing-energizing "Elixir of Dolce a Vita" grapes;
Toning "Sweet Temptations" chocolate;
Purifying ""Alpine Harmony"" hay and flowers of the Alps;

Treatment "Basic" just relax in cloud bath 30 min. *Euro 33, -; Euro 36, -
Treatment "Plus" scrub, wrap, relaxing cloud bath 45 min. *Euro 48, - Euro 51, -
Treatment "Lux" scrub, wrap, relaxing cloud bath, partial massage 70 min. *Euro 73, - Euro 76, -
Treatment "ExtraLux" scrub, wrap, relaxing cloud bath, full body massage 90 min. *Euro 91, - Euro 96, -

* Treatments carried out in morning time.
List of treatments