Looking for a hotel in Andalo with a pool? Ours has three of them.

You are looking for a hotel in Andalo with a pool, we decided to give our guests more: a covered pool for adults, a children’s pool and an outdoor pool with a Jacuzzi. Are you ready to dive in?

Hotel in Andalo with a covered pool and outdoor jacuzzi 

The covered pool for adults is around 75 m². In the water you can find heated air whirlpools, a Whirlpool cave, a waterfall, upstream swimming and water jets for the neck. Outside, comfortable loungers await you to relax on.

The outdoor Whirlpool, heated to 37°C is located in the garden of the Dolce Avita, and invites you to pleasant morning swims all year round to enjoy a good start to the day or a romantic sunset in an explosion of stars that light up the night sky in Andalo.

The Dolce Avita and the children’s pool 

As everyone knows Andalo is the ideal place for family holidays. For this reason, we decided to create a pool for children at our hotel: 40 cm deep and filled with clown statues and umbrella fountains to make your children’s holiday fun and enjoyable.

Before going to the spa take a dip in the pool 

The staff at our spa recommend a good swim in the outdoor pool before going to the Spa area to enjoy the benefits of the treatments on offer.

Whatever the style of your holiday in our hotel in Andalo with the pool and the spa  you can relax to the full!
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