Hotel in Andalo with a spa and a sauna in the room

The Dolce Avita is the hotel in Andalo with a Spa for you. A hotel that has more than just a spa: a place to relax for a few hours without sacrificing the beneficial effects on the body at the hands of our staff. Before going to the Spa, we recommend a dip in the outdoor heated pool: you will feel doubly regenerated. If you choose one of our suites you can have a unique experience: staying in a hotel with a sauna in the room!

What you can find in the Spa in our hotel in Andalo

What can you find in our Spa?
  • Sauna: a classic Finnish sauna and bio-sauna, with wooden benches, reduced air humidity and an hourglass so you don’t lose track of time.
  • Multisensorial path: a brief multisensorial path to stimulate the senses to feel sensations that are now lost. Stimulate your circulation with a natural massage using natural materials.
  • Chromotherapy steam bath: a bath completely covered in precious stones at a temperature of 45° C, hot steam envelopes the body while the entire room gradually changes colour, a pleasant essence livens the atmosphere and helps pass the time.
  • Mediterranean bath: an emotional experience where heat radiates from the walls and the internal stove. The constant temperature is between 45°/50 °C with a humidity of 55%/65%. Every 5 minutes aromatic steam is sprayed on the heated stones releasing a cloud of steam with a delicate lavender scent.
  • Aromatic shower with chromotherapy: tropical scents accompanied by a tepid shower and cold water with mint essence to refresh the body after the heat of the saunas.
  • Ice cave: at the end of a session in the sauna and for a boost of beneficial energy for the entire body. The effect on the skin promotes and stimulates circulation, tones and revitalises.
  • Kneipp: alternate tubs with hot and cold water, ideal for stimulating circulation, the immune system and strengthening the cardiovascular system, reducing stress and stimulating body and mind. The heat calms and soothes the body slowing the activity of internal organs: the cold on the other hand stimulates and invigorates, increasing internal activity.
  • Relaxation and Soft Music area: pleasantly lying on comfortable loungers, lulled by soft background music you can relax, dream or even meditate.
  • Herbal tea corner: delicious herbal teas and refreshing drinks at your disposal.

Do you dream of having a sauna in your room? You can at our hotel!

Is your idea of a relaxing romantic holiday  in a hotel with an ensuite sauna? With us it is possible! 
In our Luxury Spa Suite, you will have a Finnish sauna all to yourself. In addition: an open space bathroom with a circular crystal multifunction Teuco shower, a 2x2 Teuco Seaside Whirlpool bath and a relaxation mattress.
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